Water Use it Wisely or Lose it!

The Green Minute: Calculate Your Water Footprint

The average American uses, on average, 2000 gallons of water a day which is about twice the global average. National Geographic has developed a quick and easy water footprint calculator to …See More
Water Footprint Calculator – National Geographic
Water Footprint Calculator


About Florida Building Inspections

Gary Madsen has been in the construction industry since 1979. For most of that time he has specialized in reconstruction and remediation. He has been considered and expert witness in the field of building damage repair and water damage repair. He has been a featured public speaker on both topics. He is a Licenseced General Contractor, Licenseced Home Inspector, Certified Defective Drywall Consultant, a Windstorm Umpire and appraiser. Currently he does 3rd party construction inspections and consulting out of Boca Raton Florida
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